Sole Trader Tax Returns

Sole Trader Tradesmen

As a sole trader you are legally obliged to complete a self-assessment tax return, usually at the end of the tax year to assess the amount of tax you owe.

In the UK, the tax year ends, for online tax returns, on 31st January. Paper tax returns need to be completed by the previous 31st October. It is, however, better to not wait until the last minute!

What do you need from me?

Our team can quickly assess what needs to be done with one quick phone call. You'll need to be a registered client by signing a form and as this process can take a few weeks for HMRC to do, get in touch any time during the year so that everything is set up in plenty of time.

What can you do for me?

sole trader reduced tax bill

As a sole trader all your earnings will have been paid to you gross, so the amount of tax you owe needs to be calculated. We'll go through all your paperwork with you, working out your income and all your legitimate expenses, claiming against your tax bill for everything you are entitled to.

The result will be a much reduced amount of tax to pay.


Is Bettertax the right tax agent for me?

Having been thoroughly vetted by HMRC in 2013, Bettertax not only deliver excellent customer service but our tax returns service is also considered “low risk” by HMRC, which in turn offers better security for our clients’ tax returns than other tax agencies. We specialise in tradesmen's tax returns and unlike "general accountants" we know the constuction industry.

What are your charges?

sole-trader tax return fee

As a Self-Employed Sole Trader who doesn’t pay tax at source under CIS, you are legally obliged to complete a tax return and will of course receive a tax bill for everything you earn above the personal allowance. Our fee is £199.99 for each tax year we complete. Fee is subject to VAT.



Read more in our Tax Returns FAQs or simply call 01280 821020 and ask, or click the “Start Your Tax Refund” button below. 


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